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OPC is similar to a Private Limited Company but with a difference that it can be incorporated with only one director. Therefore it is the best option for those who want to register a Company with only one Director. Afleo offers services for OPC Registration Online in India.

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One Person Company (OPC) Registration

Companies Act, 2013 introduced the concept of One Person Company(OPC). In One Person Company, there is only one Director and one Shareholder, only one nominee Director shall be included in addition. One Person Company is a separate entity different from the Director of the company. It is a good option for a single person who is capable to do business. The nominee Director will not have any power until the original director becomes incapable or he is no more.

The benefit of OPC is available only till the average turnover of preceding three financial year is up to 2 crores or Paid up Capital of over Rs. 50 Lakh. After crossing the above limit One Person Company has to switch to Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company. In One Person Company, the Director can maintain the secrecy as much as possible. He doesn't have any obligation to disclose any information about the business to any one. If the Director wants to change the nominee director then he can change him anytime, however, ROC must be informed about the change.

Afleo will help you in all your requirements regarding One Person Company (OPC) Registration and other formalities. Our Business advisors will give solutions to all your queries regarding OPC Company Registration Charges, Cost, Fees etc. Afleo.com started with the simple idea that doing business in India should be very easy. Our growing team of young hard working professionals is our biggest asset. Our team puts the consumer first, and work meticulously to ensure that documents are filled correctly and swiftly. Afleo is the market leader with 100+ OPC Registration per month and total figures crossing 10,000+


DIN of Directors

DSC of Directors

PAN of Company

TAN of Company

Share Certificates

MOA and AOA Copy

Statutory Register

Minutes Paper

Company Kit

Features of One Person Company (OPC) Registration

Less Compliance

The main benefit of OPC Registration is less compliance as compared to Private and Public Limited Company. Therefore it is suitable for small businesses as it will lower their overall compliance cost.

Easy Fund Raising

Many times Company may face cash crunch in setting up and running a business which affects profit and reputation of Company. Banks and Financial Institutions mostly prefer Companies for providing loans as compared to Partnership or Proprietorship firms.

Single Owner

In One Person Company there is only single Promoter of the business. Single Director and Single Shareholder in the Company. Therefore it helps to take decisions freely and also maintain business secrecy.

Documents for One Person Company (OPC) Registration

PAN card copy of owner

Address Proof

Utility Bill of Registered office Address

Passport size photograph of Owner

Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)

Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

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Process for One Person Company (OPC) Registration

Obtaining DSC & DIN

In Incorporation of Company the First Step is to acquire Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for the proposed Directors of the One Person Company. DIN and DSC can be obtained within 3 to 4 days.

Name Approval

Once DIN and DSC is obtained then we can file form for name approval. In name approval we have to mention at least One name and maximum Six name. Name approval process will take 4-5 days for confirmation of name.

OPC Registration India

After getting name approval we have to prepare some Documents and forms for ROC Filing. Then file the forms to ROC . This process will take approx 5-7 days for preparation and filing of form and get approval of incorporation from MCA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One Person Company has only One Main Director and one nominee Director who does not have any power until the Main director is no more or incapable to do business or make decisions.

No, a single person cannot register more than one OPC on his name.

No, One Person Company has an exemption from conducting Annual General Meeting and Ordinary General Meeting from the Company Law.

To start One Person Company you require minimum One Lakh rupees capital.

It is not mandatory to convert One Person Company into Private Limited Company in future. But if the Company crosses average turnover of 2 crores in preceding three financial years or Paid up Capital of over Rs. 50 Lakh, then it is compulsory to convert into Private Limited Company.

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