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Trademark registration makes you stand out of the crowd and establish a unique identity of your products and entity. Trademark is necessary for protecting the ownership of your brand and products. Afleo offers services for Registering a Trademark.

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Trademark Registration

A trademark (brand name) signifies unique identity for a mark, sign, logo, symbol, tagline, catchy phrases, combination of colours and words, shapes, label, numeric value or unique business name, or Company Name or a brand name or captions etc. used by a person on products or services in the market.

Trademark registration(TM), is the process of creating a unique legal identity different from others especially in the field of business. Trademark is an intangible asset. Trademark makes you stand out in market and makes you different from others. To avail such benefits, trademark registration is of vital importance. Owner of trademark gets exclusive rights to use the registered mark in relation to the categories they are registered in.

Trademark has to be registered within the available 44 classes in India. A trademark can be registered in one class as well as various classes. Trademark classes are to be decided based on what is to be trademarked. Afleo offers Trademark Registration in various appropriate classes as may differ from case to case. For Eg: A Company who is providing legal services and who wants to trademark their name and logo, can register themselves under Class 45 – Legal services, Class 41- Education and Entertainment Services, Class 35- Advertising and Administration, Business consultancy and Class 16- Books, paper, cardboard, and goods made from these materials.

We, at Afleo, help you in trademark registration to build and protect brand name. At Afleo, our Business Consultants will solve all your queries regarding Trademark Registration online and Trademark Classes which will help you to have a proper understanding about its importance. With us, you can get registered under Trademark Act from the issuing authority with ease. For our team, consumers and their queries are of main priority and we work thoroughly to ensure that documents are filled correctly and promptly. Afleo is leading Online Trademark Registration agent in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore as well as across India with 10,000+ Trademark Registrations till date.

Features of Trademark

Safeguarding Brand Value

The uniqueness of products makes its value higher than the common products available in the market. Trademark helps you safeguard the brand value and helps you earn profits.

Exclusive rights over the product

The owner of trademark gets exclusive rights over the registered product and can sue others in case of use of trademark without authorized permission. It also provides right to assignment, license etc.

Statutory Remedy Against an Infringement

Registered trademark user can sue the unregistered ones in case of infringement of rights of registered trademark user and can even restrict the same.

Documents for Trademark Registration

Power of attorney (POA)

Identity Proof of Individual/Company/trust/Society

Address Proof

List of goods and services

Taglines if any

Affidavit of usage of trademarked product, only in case of prior use.

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Process for Trademark Registration

Trademark Search

The first and foremost step in Trademark registration is search w.r.t Trademark. In this we search whether the trademark has been registered under the desired class and all necessary steps in this regard.

Choosing of Classes where the trademark can be registered

Afleo helps you to choose the appropriate class or classes under which the proposed Trademark can be registered. The selection of classes may differ from case to case as per the nature of product or service.

Trademark Registration

We will draft your Application within 1-2 working day/s based on the documents/information given to us and we will go ahead with final submission of Application. Once the processing of the application is completed and the allotment no. is issued by the regional trademark office. We will mail you the ‘Allotment No.’, which can be used for tracking the status of trademark application online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A trademark (brand name) in layman’s language is a mark, sign, logo or symbol which can be a word, sign, name, label, numeric value or combination of colors or unique business name, catchy phrases, taglines or captions used by a person on products or services or any other article of commercial business to distinguish it from other similar goods or services available in market.

We, at Afleo, help you in trademark registration to build and protect brand name at lowest price in India.

• Any name which can be used for trade as a mark.
• Logo
• Taglines
• Brand Name
• An invention
• Letters
• Numerals
• Letters and numerals combination
• Devices
• Design
• Symbols
• Monograms
• Combination of colors or even a single color in combination with a word or device
• Shapes etc.

Trademark can be classified into Goods and Services. There are 44 classes of Trademark. It is of vital importance to register a trade mark within the appropriate class/es.

The Registered owner gets the ultimate benefits of creating, establishing and protecting the goodwill of his/her products or services, and can and refrain other traders from unlawfully using his trademark.

Brand registration is nothing but Trademark registration. We, at Afleo, help you in trademark registration (Brand registration) to build and protect brand name at lowest price in India.

A Public search of trademark is available at IP India website to check for the registered trademarks. The site for the same is: http://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx

The registered trademark has the validity of 10 years after which it can be renewed. The registration can then be renewed indefinitely as long as the renewal fees are paid every 10 years.

The ® (Registered trademark symbol) is used next to the trademark once it is registered and can only be used after the registration certificate is issued.

This trademark symbol ™ simply implies that you claim to be the proprietor of the trademark and can be used immediately, after allotment no. is received after you submit your trademark application.

It is one of the initial stages of the trademark registration process. As a part of the process, any trademarks comprising figurative elements/logo is assigned a Vienna Code by the Indian Trade Mark Registry. After the Vienna codification is completed, the status of trademark application is generally changed to “Formalities Chk Pass” or “Formalities Chk Fail” to check the basic requirements related to the registry has been fulfilled or not.

No, registration of a trademark is not compulsory, but it is always suggested to register if you have a unique product or service or a name or a logo.

There are several grounds for refusal of trademark registration, some absolute grounds for refusal include:
• Mark lacks distinctive character;
• It is generic or common to the trade;
• It might be used for deceiving or causing
• It might hurt religious sensibilities;
• It is scandalous or obscene;
• It is prohibited under the Emblems and
Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act

Trademark remedies are generally of two types:
Action for infringement
Action for passing off

Yes. There are few requirements that are needed to be fulfilled.
• The selected mark should be capable of
being represented graphically (that is in
the paper form).
• It should be proficient enough to
distinguish the goods or services of one
undertaking from those of others.
• It should be used in relation to goods or
services for the purpose of specifying it is

Yes corrections can be made in the application for trademark registration online but it should not affect the identity of the mark.

Yes, as trademark is a symbol, combination of colors or even a single color in combination with a word or device and etc., a a three-dimensional trademark logo be registered.

Yes, a domain name can be registered as trademark as far as it can be used as service mark.

Trademark registration is country specific. A trademark can be registered in India as well as in other countries. Hence, registration in one country does not protect the rights in other countries.

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