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As per the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008 Every LLP should File it’s Financial Statement and other information to ROC so as to inform about the LLP yearly performance. Afleo offers services to easily maintain a Limited Liability Partnership.

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LLP Annual Filing - Advantages, Process & Expert help

It is important for all LLP's as per Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008 to maintain Books of Accounts not only to comply with the law but also to have control over the business. The LLP Act, 2008 makes it mandatory for all LLP's to maintain books of accounts in the specified format. Further, in the absence of books of accounts and effective accounting systems, the Directors may not even know as to whether the LLP is incurring losses or profits.

It is mandatory to file Statement of account and Solvency, Expenditure and Income account and remaining all information in Form 8 within thirty days from the end of six months of financial Year. The Last date of filing Form 11 is 30th October every year. If LLP fails to File Form 8 within prescribed time i.e. 30th October, an additional fee will be Rs. 100/- per day.

LLP is also required to file Annual return containing all partners and contribution made by them and remaining all information of partners. Every LLP is required to file Form 11 within 60 days from the end of the financial year along with prescribed fee. The Last date of filing Form 11 is 30th May every year. If LLP fails to File Form 11 within prescribed time i.e. 30th May, the designated partners shall be liable to pay the fine which shall not be less than Rs. 25000/- but which may be extended to five lakh.

Afleo will help you in all your requirements regarding Annual Filing of LLP with ROC and other formalities. Our Business advisors will give solutions to all your queries regarding Annual Compliance of Limited Liability Partnership and help you to take your decisions easily. Afleo.com started with the simple idea that doing business in India should be very easy. Our growing team of young hard working professionals is our biggest asset. Our team puts the consumer first, and work meticulously to ensure that documents are filled correctly and swiftly. Afleo is the market leader with 100+ LLP Registration per month and total figures crossing 5000+

Features of LLP Annual Filing

Fulfill ROC Compliance

As per the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act, 2008 it is very important that every LLP should file his Statement of account and Solvency with Registrar of Companies (ROC) every year, and also file the information regarding all partners and change them with ROC.

Avoid Heavy Penalties

Every LLP should File Forms like Form 8 and Form 11 with ROC within time specified from the end of financial year. If LLP fails to File Form 8 and Form 11 within prescribed time i.e. 30th October and 30th May respectively, then LLP is required to pay heavy penalties.

Good Public Image

If LLP does not fulfill the necessary ROC compliance within given time frame and continuously defaults for some years then this LLP can be stick off by the Government and after that, Partners of LLP cannot run the business .

Documents for LLP Annual Filing

Financial Statements

schedules of accounts

Expenditure and Income account Statement

Independent Auditor Report

Form 8 and Form 11

Class 2 Digital Signature

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Process for LLP Annual Filing

Obtaining Information/ Documents

In this stage we will clear all your doubts regarding Compliance of LLP. Then collect all the necessary information and documents required for drafting of Application.

Drafting of ROC forms

As per LLP Act we have to attach some other Documents to forms which we file to ROC. That Documents cover many more information which we will prepare and sent you for your signature.

ROC Filing

Once we receive all final documents after signature we will prepare all Forms which are applicable to LLP and then file to ROC site with Partner and Professional's(CS) Signature.

How we help with LLP Annual Filing

Afleo.com can easily file mandatory Annual Returns of your LLP with Ministry of Corporate affairs within 5-7 working days


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Limited Liability Partnership requires filing Form 8 and Form 11 to the MCA.

LLP is required to file ROC Form 8 within thirty days from the end of six months of financial Year and Form 11 within 60 days from the end of the financial year.

No, Only Limited Liability Partnership whose contribution exceeds Rs. 25 Lakh or LLP whose turnover exceeds Rs. 40 Lakh in a particular Financial Year are required to annually get their accounts audited by any Chartered Accountant in practice.

Yes, you can do ROC filing after the expiry of period 30 days and 60 days for an additional fee.

The Designated Partners would be responsible for all the Compliances under LLP

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