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How to sell on Flipkart?

Having a business but still not satisfied with the profits? What if your products can be seen by millions of users without shifting the location of your shop or anything? So, if you think the idea is fascinating, try going online with the “INTERNET” and make your business visible nationwide.

Now you can increase your business with less efforts without any loss and extra money expenditure. Noteworthy improvements in technology and the swift speed of growth in the digital sector over the years have increased the number of people buying products online. India is growing in the field of technology with a great speed and improved access to the low-cost internet led many of the sellers go online with their products. Data accessible in the year 2016 exhibit that over 69 million Indians bought their items online.

Among many ecommerce websites, Flipkart tends to provide a great deal for sellers to open up their business online by listing their products on the official site of Flipkart. Now suppose you have a business and you sell product on your outlet or shop in your locality and when your products are listed on the website of Flipkart, your products can be seen by 18 million or more Flipkart users. Your local business can become nationwide. Your shop will open for business 24/7 when you have online shop. Flipkart has automated order and payment processing system and sales can be made at any time, and customers can buy when it suits them. It offers a team of experts that provides exclusive seller workshops, training, flipkart seller support and convenient flipkart seller portal. Flipkart also focuses on educating and empowering sellers across India.

Why should you sell on Flipkart?

Flipkart seller page

See your products on flipkart page

Flipkart is the leader in Indian e-commerce with highest online reach and highest reliability. With more than 10 crore registered customers, 10 million daily page visits and 80 lakh shipments every month to over 1000 cities, makes them the strongest partner to take your products to customers all over India in seconds. You can also keep track of your total sales and profits to maintain growth of your business.

The highest selling items on Flipkart are

highest selling products on flipkart

Overview of highest selling items on Flipkart.

How to sell on Flipkart?

Anyone who has a unique product can sell it on Flipkart or can become a flipkart seller. At first, we at Afleo help you to register your Company to kick start your business and also help you in TAX registration process. Company registration and Tax Registration are the basic requisites to register and start your business with Flipkart Seller.

flipkart seller registration procedure

Procedure for Flipkart Seller Registration.

Steps to become a Flipkart Seller

Step 1: Register your Organization

  • You can register your organization either into Sole Proprietoship or Private Limited Company or Partnership or LLP or any other suitable form of business. (Registration of PAN & TAN is included while registering for Private Limited Company or LLP).

Step 2: Tax Registration

  • Once you have registered your Business entity or Company, GST Registration will be required to proceed further.
  • GST registration will ensure a unique GSTIN.
  • GSTIN is compulsory and will ensure further benefits.

Step 3: Create a Bank Account

  • If you registered as a Company or want to get registered as a Seller on Flipkart, it becomes compulsory to have a Bank Account in the name of Company or organization.
  • To have a bank account is of vital importance to start your business as a Flipkart Seller.  

[Note: Those who have already registered their Company and created their Company’s Bank Account, can skip these steps and proceed to following Flipkart Seller Registration Process]

Once you have registered your Company and created your Bank Account, you will now have to register on Flipkart Seller Hub to sell products on Flipkart. Flipkart Seller registration process is easy and can be initiated from the Flipkart Sellerportal or can be accessed from this link – https://seller.Flipkart.com. Anyone who wishes to sell their products on Flipkart can sign up as a Flipkart seller by indicating the information about his/her business and products which he/she intends to sell via Flipkart by following flipkart terms and conditions.

Flipkart Seller Registration Process

The process of registration is done in three steps.

Step 1:Open an Account on Flipkart Seller Hub

Visit Flipkart Seller Hub or click here https://sellers.Flipkart.com/. You will be directed towords Flipkart Seller Registration page, enter your name and email address and submit it. Flipkart would then send you an email for confirmation.

Step 2: Confirmation of Details

Check your mail box for the confirmation mail from Flipkart. In the mail, there would be a confirmation link given, click on the link to confirm it. Thereafter you are required to verify your mobile number, after the number is verified you’ll be asked to provide the pin code and complete address of the place where you prefer Flipkart to pick your products. When you complete the process, you will be directed to a new window.

Step 3: Seller Information

In this step you’re required to enter information that has been asked by Flipkart for registration. These details are mandatory. In order to complete the registration process you have to give some details.

  • Business Details

  1.  Business Name: In this field enter your business name.
  2. GSTIN: In this field you are required to upload scanned copy of your GSTIN No. Document (if you don’t give the GSTIN then you will get to sell only books and unstitched clothing, so make a decision) we recommend you to provide the GSTIN Number so than you can sell whichever product you want.
  3. TAN: If you want to claim TDS then provide TAN no., else select option “I don’t have TAN”
  • Bank Details

  1. Account Holder Name: Enter the account holder name by which you operate your company, firm,etc.
  2. Bank Account Number: Enter the account number of the account by which you operate operations of your company, firm,etc.
  3. Retype Account Number: Retype it
  4. IFSC Code: IFSC code is necessary, ask your bank if you don’t know.
  5. Bank & Branch : Enter the name of bank in which you hold an account
  6. PAN Card: Upload the scanned copy of your PAN card.
  • Store Details

  1. Display Name: Enter the store name of your company, firm, etc.
  2. Store Description: Write a little introduction about the store and the products you sell.

Documents required for Flipkart Seller Registration

flipkart required documents

Documents required for Flipkart Seller Registration.

After collecting required documents & filling all the details, you would reach to the end. Here you complete your process of registration. Now all you need to do is wait for approval by the Flipkart. You need to wait until Flipkart responds you. Till then your account status will be pending.

[Note: Once you have established your shop and have started making profits there may be a chance where your brand logo or brand name might get copied or can be used by other person. This might affect your business. Flipkart takes a declaration if trademark is not registered or applied for, by the seller. If someone else uses and has applied for trademark, the brand registration will be given to the other person. To avoid this it is preferable to register your products under a brandname or trademark to protect yourself from further legal entaglements.]

Flipkart Seller Pricing

Flipkart makes the fastest payments in the industry. They have three tier systems of payments based on the performance of the seller. The payment is cleared within the next 7-15 business days from the date of order dispatch. For Gold Sellers it’s 7 business days, for Silver Sellers it is 10 days and for Bronze sellers it is 15 days. Sellers decide the price of their products and Flipkart charges a small fee on the successful orders.

The settlement amount is decided after the deductions made for market place fee, GST on market place fee, commission fee, shipping fee, collection fee and a fixed fee from the value of the item ordered.

Settlement Amount: (The amount that will be credited to the seller’s bank account within 7-15 business days of successful dispatch) = Order Item Value (Selling price and Shipping charge paid by customer and excludes discount offered by Seller) – Market Place fee (Includes shipping fee, fixed fee and selling commission) – GST on marketplace fee(18% of Marketplace Fee)


Registering on Flipkart Seller and selling your products online became very easy after easier access of internet. Just get the important documents that are required by Flipkart. Make sure not to indulge in unfair practices and to get yourself registered. The unfair practices can even lead you to get blacklisted by Flipkart under Flipkart Seller Policy. Now gear up, register yourself and start selling.

Afleo is a technology-driven business service platform and a leading solution provider for various registrations required for Startups to easily start & manage their business, at an affordable cost, across entire India and also deals in areas like GST Consultation, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Annual Compliance of Companies etc.

At Afleo, we love Startups & Young Entrepreneurs and hence in our articles, we provide solution for budding Entrepreneur’s, Startup’s and Businesses regarding all the essential and important Legal Services.

We hope this article was fruitful to you. 


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