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Top 09 Highly Trending Small Business ideas for Women in India

India is witnessing steady growth in the world of women entrepreneurs. Women these days are increasing their economic stand in the society with their entrepreneurial ability. From small corner shops to start-ups, from 58.5 million businesses in India, women manage 8.05 million businesses, as per the Sixth Economic Census 2016 by the National Sample Survey Organisation. This number is increasing at a rapid pace as the women are becoming more educated, competent and focusing on their career.

Still, most of the women in India are tied up with their family chores and expectations, so small business idea for women with low investment will help them gain financial Independence. If you are coming up with a small business, you will need fewer employees, small capital and low investments to achieve your objectives. Even though our society is adopting every bit of a change, women are facing challenges in raising funds for their organizations.

Owning a business bring flexibility to work as you can choose time and place as per your convenience. Take a look at few business ideas for women which you can consider starting in India 2018

Business Ideas

  • Yoga trainee

If you are health conscious and always advises your closed ones to do yoga and which type of yoga is the best fit for them, then here is the time to start a business with this knowledge. Being a yoga trainee, you will guide which yoga practices are best for which age, which disease, how it’s done correctly and when is the best time to do the yoga. This will keep you as well as others perfectly fit and healthy. You can teach this art to your neighbors, society, friends, relatives and you do not need to make much investment. All you need is a place and zeal to start this business.

  • Beautician

When people are always praising the make-up you did, how gorgeous you look, how you dress up correctly for every occasion, they come to you for their hair-do, you can consider being a beautician. As a beautician, you can start a parlour or go to your client’s place to provide your services and use your skills in a right way. So, if you open a parlour, it will need a considerable amount of investment as well as regular maintenance charges. And, if you start providing services by going over to your client’s place, you will need less initial investment to buy cosmetics, and you can later use these savings to open a salon.

  • Handcraft work

If you had a keen interest in beadworks, embroidery, knitting, craft, you can groom yourself by trying again and again and then turn this into your business. In this business, you can learn new things using youtube, social media and be more creative to attain a unique position in the market. All you need is the creativity, zeal, and material for your product. Thus, it does not require a huge investment, and you can make huge profits as handmade products are in demand, but suppliers are not there.

business idea for women

A success story of Pritika Goswami. Story Credit: -Dhruba Das Gupta

  • Coaching classes

Have you always been a good scholar? Do your friends come running to you at the time of exams? Do they say you teach better than a teacher? If yes, go ahead and start a coaching class. It will keep you busy and earn income as there is a high profit in this field with low investment. You need a small space, furniture, and a board to teach on. You can start by teaching kids in your neighborhood, your friend’s kids or relatives.

  • Landscape artist

If you love being surrounded by plants, taking care of them, watering them and planting them in an organized manner. Then being a landscape artist, rights fits with your personality. But gardening is not for everyone. You can achieve growth in this business only if you are passionate about it and want to do something for the environment that serves us. There are many people out there who do not love gardening, but they do want a bug garden in their house. So, at this time you can come to their rescue and help them beautify their homes. This business does need a little high investment as you need to buy proper gardening tools and products such as pesticides and organic materials.

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  • Event planner

Have you ever planned an event on your own be it a kitty party or a theme party? Do you love to organize an event? You can start a business of event planning. These days everyone wants a perfect event and a party, be it a birthday party, a wedding or a corporate event. So, they prefer hiring an event planner for the same, lessen their burden and enjoy the event. This business is easy to start; you have the opportunity to be creative, you can earn a profit and also enjoy at the same time.

  • Cooking classes

If everyone loves the food you cook, you cook different cuisines and most important of all is you like to cook; then you can make your hobby as your business and earn profits. Nowadays people be it a cafe owner or a chef or a housewife, everyone is experimenting with their food and always open for a new variety. You can open a cooking class at your home so that you will need a little investment. You can target your neighborhood and friends and get more students through mouth publicity.

  • Interior designer

You can get a certificate and start a business of interior designer if you love to re-design home or offices. When you keep redecorating your house, change it from time-to-time to cope with trends or always have been interested in it, you can opt for it as your career. This business involves low investment if you start from your home and you can ask for an advance from your clients to cover the expenses of interior designing.

  • Daycare school

If you love kids, being around with them, taking care of them and if you are capable enough to manage them, you can also start a Daycare school. It is considered as a successful business venture that you can quickly start and manage. It involves a considerate investment as you need a proper space, infrastructure and staff to assist you. Nowadays business loans for women are also available  

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These are just a few suggestions that you can select to start a business, live an independent life and be the changing world wants to see. Now, that you have chosen in which industry you are going to set your foot in and be a businesswoman, you need to move ahead and look at legal and financial compliances. For setting up any business, to avail the benefits offered by the government and give it a legal identity, you need first to register your business. You might know how to comply with these regulations, but it will consume your time and keep you distracted from your business.

So, To keep you focused and save your time, you can prefer for businesses like Afleo whose primary purpose is to ease the process of starting new businesses. They can help you with Registering your Company, get PAN, GST registration, get a digital signature certificate and many more things. You can submit your documents, and your business will be registered hassle-free and that too without any delay. So, now step forward, focus on your business and leave everything else on us!

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