Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit

12 Low Investment Business Ideas In India With High Profit

The new age of business demands new ideas. i.e., Low Investment Business Ideas and maximal financial gains.  With the more modern economy and even newer business innovations, even the small players in the game, with little in their hand to start up a business, can fare quite well.

Small business ideas, have low monetary requirements to initiate, however, they need you to think outside of the box. Moreover, these ideas can generate a massive change that favors the “smaller businessman” with little cash to spare. India seeks this change, and the time has come to initiate it!

Here is a list of 12 start-up ideas in 2018, these are the business ideas with low investment and high profit: –

Digital Marketing Business

The age of technology has forever changed the way businesses used to function. One can make fabulous sums of money simply from the comfort of his home with the help of the internet. Digital marketing businesses often require low investments to start and can generate profits that can be quite high.

Great!  How Do I Go About It? Digital marketing businesses require little funds to start, but one has to maintain consistency. To ease your work, you can try hiring a digital marketing executive and a web developer. These do not cost much, and with some additional software might only be a fraction of what other businesses require to set up.

Social Media Marketing Business

Yet another business that is the creation of the digital age. These businesses may require shallow set up costs and can yield significant financial benefits in a short while.

Great! How Do I Go about It? As with the digital marketing businesses, this requires low financial investment, but right consistency. Keeping track of trends and viral posts on social media is crucial, as it helps harness them for more views and traffic on your posts.  It’s advisable to hire a social media executive with some experience. You might have to pay for promotions, but it doesn’t necessarily require a significant amount of money if done tactfully.

Book Lending Business

Even though eBooks are quite in trend nowadays; the classic paperbacks haven’t gone out of fashion! People still crave those old fashioned books with a distinct smell to their pages. Many people want to rent books and are seeking reliable sources to find them.

Great! How do I go About It? Do thorough research into the areas you wish to cater your book lending business. Starting with your city could be a good idea. Try to provide a variety of books to the readers, ranging from fiction, etc. to things like literature and poetry. Buying books on wholesale, and renting them to several people in a row can fetch great profits.  However, make sure the books you purchase are in decent condition.

Freelancer Agencies

Several people are willing to hire freelancers for getting their work done.  Moreover, several people prefer to work as freelancers as well. Starting such an agency which recruits freelancers is a good idea, as freelancers in India charge comparatively less, and providing clients with their services can make you earn excellent commissions.

Great! How Do I Go About It? Firstly, you need to make your presence known in the market. Provide quality services to the clients by offering them the best freelancers for their respective work. You have to make sure that you build a reliable team of skilled freelancers before starting this.

Domestic Help Agencies

People are well aware of the cheap domestic help that is available in our country. One can get some good work done by hiring a maid or some other household help, at a low cost. Providing good quality domestic help to the clients is a great way to gain substantial commissions.

Great! How Do I Go About It? As with any recruitment agency, QUALITY SERVICE IS KING. You can never sustain a successful domestic help agency by hiring people who aren’t efficient. Make sure to scan a background check on the people you wish to recruit to get a record of their work.  Additionally, do not hire a vast number of people at once, and make sure the domestic help is given adequate pay.

Waste Management Business

This is an area which is grabbing a lot of attention recently. Even our “Kachrawalas” are being educated on concepts like wet waste and dry waste. We need effective waste management businesses that could deliver a solution to the peoples’ ‘garbage woes.”

Great! How do I Go About It? You could hire people who could efficiently help in separating wet waste from dry waste, as it is a nuisance for many.  A trained environmentalist can help you devise products that could ease the process of separating wet waste from dry waste. Moreover, you could start a business which produces eco-friendly dustbin bags on a small scale.

Small Investment Business

Business Ideas vs Investment Required

Eco-Friendly Products

The planet needs more eco-friendly solutions, and an eco-friendlier you! Eco-friendly products are in high demand nowadays and don’t necessarily require a lot of expenditure to produce.

Great! How Do I Go About It?  Seek the markets that are currently banking on eco-friendly products. A good example can be eco-friendly paper bags, disposable straws, cups, etc. Do not strive to set up such a business on a larger scale, as it may require more investment.

Healthy Snack Businesses

People are becoming more conscious about their health nowadays. Due to this, several healthy snack alternatives are being introduced to the market daily. Manufacturing such snacks can be quite cheap and may require low investment if done at a smaller scale.

Great! How Do I Go About It? Make an inventory of food items that are cheap to purchase, and have several health benefits. Secondly, research the market as to what snack items are more in demand.  You could try incorporating the cheap, healthy ingredients in a snack item. Examples include healthy snack bars, candies, wafers, etc.


Yes! You can make money by blogging! People are making a living out of blogs. You could blog about anything under the sun! You can also earn money by reviewing specific products, be it healthcare, beauty, fashion, fitness or any other niche.

Great! How Do I Go About It? Well, you could blog about a million different things. However, it’s best to stick to a niche that’s closer to your heart! Try blogging about the things that are your passion. Moreover, you could also review or sell products through your blog and earn from it!

Recycling Business

Several old, used products can fetch great benefits if appropriately recycled. Recycling businesses require little investment as most people do not pay for giving their used products for recycling. Moreover, it is a lucrative market for several budding entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Great! How Do I Go About It? Consult an expert on the niche you’re seeking to start the recycling business in. He/she could give you a good overview of the details and necessities of recycling. Some recycling ideas include paper recycling, plastic recycling, metal scrap recycling, etc.

Mobile Applications

Apps used in mobile phones are becoming more and more common. The good news is that it requires little to no investment to generate business out of a mobile app.

Great! How Do I Go About It? Seek a technical expert on the subject who is familiar with app and software development. There are also several other software’s that help you create your app with ease! Try to create an app which provides an easy solution to an everyday problem. Apps such as heartbeat trackers and activity trackers are examples of such apps.

Web Development Business

Yet another business in the digital domain that requires little investment! Several people hire web development agencies to build a successful website for their organization.  This business has the potential to generate high profits.

Great! How Do I go About it?  Seeking the help of a skilled web developer is the first and most crucial step. An experienced web developer would make the process of creating your web development agency much more comfortable. Even a small team could deliver magnificent results in this if they work effectively.

Low Investment Business

Business Ideas vs Investment Required

New business ideas are all around you! You need to develop a keen sense for finding them! These business ideas in India require low investment and have significant financial potential! India is undergoing a period of substantial economic growth, and so can you!

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