How to Apply for IEC Code

How to Apply for IEC Code Online – Step by Step Guide

Finding the process of registration of an Import Export Code Number difficult?

Need not to worry..!

Here we have a complete step by step guide for the procedure to apply for IEC Code.

Note: We have attached screen shots along with the described steps so that it will be easier for you to understand the whole process of how to apply IEC Code Online.

The complete registration process for obtaining an Import Export Code number is online. One needs to follow certain steps to apply IEC Online. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the Government website of DGFT(Directorate General of Foreign Trade) i.e.

Now, when the DGFT main page opens, click on the “Importer Exporter Code (IEC)” option available in the “Quick links” section on the left hand side of the page.

Step 2. Once you click on the option “Importer Exporter Code (IEC)” select the option, “Online IEC Application”

IEC Code Apply Online

Step 3. A new page will open which will be entitled as “Login for IEC online”.

IEC Code Apply

Now in the “PAN” option, please enter the PAN Card Number of the Proprietor or of Entity in case of an Entity firm.

Once you have entered the PAN Card number, select the “NEXT” option.

Now enter your “Mobile Number” (without a zero or a country code) and “Email ID”.

Enter the given “Captcha” code as it is in the empty box given right below the captcha and click on the “Generate Token” option.

Step 4. Now you will receive a token number on the mobile number and email ID which you have entered above.

Apply IEC Online

After receipt of token numbers, enter the same in each of the respective boxes provided separately, one for the “Mobile Token” and another for the “Email Token” and click on the “Submit” option.

Step 5. Update Master Data

Now a new page will open, entitled as “Importer Exporter Code (e-IEC)”which shows an E-com Number on the left hand side of the page. This number will be used for all the future references regarding your IEC application. Once you receive this page click on “Update Master Data”.

How to Apply for IEC Code

Now a new green coloured pane will open on the right side of the same page in which you need to fill all the basic information of the entity i.e. Name, Address, City, State, District, PIN Code.

The mobile number, email ID and PAN card number will be pre fed. Enter the “Name as given on the PAN Card” and “Date of Incorporation” of the same. Now enter the “Name of concern” (Proprietorship/Company). Enter the “Preferred Activity” (you can select one of the given options for the preferred activity).

Now enter the “Bank A/c Number”, “A/c Holder’s Name”, “Bank Name” and the “Bank Branch”. Also enter the “IFSC Code” of the Bank.

Also fill in the “Name of the Applicant”, “Designation”, “Official Address”, “Applicant’s Mobile Number”, “Email ID”, “PAN Number” (Personal), “Declaration Date” and “Declaration Place”. Once all the details are filled correctly, please click on “Update”.

Step 6. Add Branch Details

After that click on the second option, “Branch” on the left hand side of the same page.

Apply IEC Online

Branch details of the proprietorship/ company shall be filled. Once you fill all the relevant details click on “ADD”. If there is no Branch Office Keep the space empty.

Now again go to the left hand side of the same page and click on the third option, “Director”. Now fill all the required details of any of the Director/ Proprietor/ Partner/ Karta/ Managing Trustee. All the required information for example, the PAN number, mobile number should belong to the person of whose details you are filling. Once all the relevant options are being filled please click on “ADD”.

Step 7. Attach Scan Copies of Required Documents

Now click on the sixth option, “Attachments” on the left hand side of the same page.

IEC Code Apply Online

In the newly opened pane at the right hand side, you need to upload the documents i.e., PAN Card (of proprietor in case of proprietorship firm and of company in case of Private Limited), a Cancelled Cheque and a Photograph.

Now to upload the documents select the documents’ category and documents’ type. (PAN Card and Cancelled Cheque should be in PDF format and the Photograph should be in GIF format).

Note: Leave the option, “Signed Copy of the Application”. Then click on “Choose File” and choose the selected files on your computer and click on “Upload”.

Step 8. Pay Application Fees

IEC Code Apply

After all these details are filled in, please click on the fourth option, “Application Fee” on the left hand side of the same page. Then the blue screen entitled as “Payment Initiation Screen” will open.

Fill up all the relevant details in the empty boxes on this blue screen and enter amount Rs. 500/- as the Government IEC application fee.

Also you need to fill all your required bank details for a successful online bank payment.

Then click on Submit.

Note: all the * marked options shall be mandatorily filled in by the applicant.

Once the online payment is successful, again the previous page will re-open. After all the above steps are done, you need to select the ninth option, “Checklist” on the left hand side of the same page. In checklist, please make sure that all the conditions mentioned here have been complied with. For example, please make sure whether the details of the applicant filled in the application form are as same as that in the uploaded copy of the documents provided by him.

Once you click on the option “yes” on all the check list points please click on “Print Checklist”.

After this is completed please click on the tenth option, “Preview” on the left hand side of the same page. In preview it will show you all the details filled in the application. If all the mentioned details are correct then please click on, “Print Application.”

Once you print the application, sign the same. After that scan the signed application and once that is done go back to the “Attachments” option and upload the signed application in a PDF format.

Step 9. Submit the Application

Now when the scanned copy of the signed application is uploaded, click the twelfth option, “Submit” on the left hand side of same page and submit the application with Digital Signature of class-2 or class-3.

How to Apply for IEC Code

Note: the application cannot be submitted without Digital Signature.

Step 10. Check Application Status

IEC Code Apply Online

When your application is submitted you need to click on the thirteenth option, “Application Status” on the left hand side of the same page to check the status of your application i.e., whether it is successfully submitted or not.

We hope the IEC Code Application Procedure is now clear.

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