How to be an Amazon Seller in India

In the present scenario, where everything is going online, registering on an e-commerce website is always a good choice. Your online store is where you can showcase your brand, connect with audience and grow your business. Amazon offers a number of ways through which retailers can sell their products, and thus is the best marketplace for the growth of your business online.  It is one of the most known marketing channels for online retailers; you just need to set up an account to be an Amazon Seller. According to latest update, Amazon Seller Central India has reached a whopping 3 lakh sellers on its platform, leaving its rival Flipkart behind. It is not only helping retailers sell their business online but also helps them meet their working capital requirements by providing them unsecured loans from ₹5 lakh to ₹2 crore and also assist them in collaborating with government institutions to help local artisans and craftsmen.

To grow your existing business or to set your foot in the market with new business, selling your products online is the most efficient and cost-effective way. When you are starting a new business, there are lots of things going on in your mind. Afleo is a provider of legal solutions and to register your business you just need to submit certain documents and they will register it within 2-3 working days. Existing or new business, need to give enough time to form and work on their business strategy to grow their business online. You need to go online to achieve growth, success and reach large number of consumers.

Success Story

Take a look at this amazing success story of a young girl to know how Amazon helped her in fulfilling her dream to travel around.

Esha Jafri- Amazon seller

Success story of Esha Jafri  Courtesy:

Esha Jafri, a girl from Hyderabad who changed several jobs because she had low income and no flexibility at work. Also, she was unable to fulfill her dreams of travelling the world. The last job she did was in Singapore, though she was making good money but was not able to fulfill her travel dreams. Work pressure in that company eventually impacted her health; she was then hospitalized and had to return back to her native place.

After suffering with all this, she realized that she wanted to work for herself on her own terms and not for others. Her interest in beauty products, led her buy products in bulk from the market to sell on Amazon. With all her knowledge, expertise and help of Amazon, she soon saw a positive shift in her sales and it was then she decided to manufacture her own branded beauty products with the brand name ‘La Eztilo – Live Life Stylishly’. With the changes in existing products and introducing new products, her brand soon became very popular among customers. Esha says, “Selling on Amazon has impacted my life in a big way. Travelling has been my passion and ever since I have started my business with Amazon I have traveled to several countries all by myself”. From islands of Phi Phi to Dubai and Ladakh, she has been to numerable places, increasing her love for travel.

Initially, she was not sure about investing her money in online business as it had a huge risk. She faced hard times in initial months when there was no sale for two months on Amazon. But then she read various articles online on how to sell on Amazon, joined discussion forums, took online training and then applied these to sell products on Amazon. After this, her sales increased and then she never looked back. She proudly gives entire credit to Amazon for fulfilling her dream to travel while making money. Be inspired!

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Amazon is one of the best solutions to sell your products like apparel, footwear, electronics and many others online; as it has a large loyal customer base. Now the next big question is how to sell on Amazon India and increase your business? Take a look at the following procedure to easily understand this process.

Process- Amazon seller

Process to sell on Amazon

Set up (Register) your business

If you have a running business you can skip to next step and create your seller account on Amazon. But if you do not have an ongoing business, you need to:

  • Form a Company

At first, you need to find out what product and service are you planning to sell and then pre-plan about your business and get it registered. You must be wondering about how to register your business as it’s a time-consuming process and you have to take care of other things as well like workplace, competitor analysis, markets trends, consumer behavior and many others. For this, you can look out for legal solution provider like Afleo, they can register your business hassle-free. If you are registering a Private Limited Company or LLP or a Public Limited Company, you need to submit copy of PAN card; passport size photographs; Id proof such as Passport/Aadhaar card/Driving License; Memorandum of Association; Articles of Association and office address proof.

  • Obtain various Registrations and Certifications

Also, you need to make sure that you have PAN card and you are registered under GST. Although it’s not compulsory to have trademark registration but it is advisable to do so, as it acts as a protector of your goodwill.

  • Open Bank Account

After all the necessary registrations, you need to open a business bank account for future transactions. For opening a bank account, you need to submit MOA, AOA and certificate of incorporation.

Create your Amazon seller account

To start selling your product on Amazon, you first have to create seller account on Amazon’s website. There are two types of Amazon seller registration to select from: An Individual seller account and a Pro seller account. Pro account gives you access to more features than individual seller account such as unlimited product listings, offer coupons, shipping specials, access to inventory reports, can sell in restricted categories and many more. Individual accounts are not charged monthly but they charge $0.99 which is approximately ₹69 per-item fees for selling through Amazon. While, pro account sellers have to pay $39.99 which is approximately ₹2,800 as monthly fees. Based on your business strategy, you can either start with individual account or upgrade to pro seller account later or if you are investing huge money, you can directly opt for the pro plan. Follow these steps to create Seller Amazon account:

1.Go to Amazon’s home page, scroll down. At the end of the page, under the title “Make money with us”, click on “Sell on Amazon”.

Seller registration Step1- Amazon seller

Seller Registration Step1

2.Now click on “Start selling”

Seller Registration Step2- Amazon seller

Seller Registration Step2

3.You will be landed to “create account” page.

Seller Registration Step3- Amazon seller

Seller Registration Step3

4.Enter name, email-id and password to proceed.

5.For setting up your Amazon selling account, you will have to enter legal name of your business. Also, ensure that you have business name and address; phone number; bank account and credit card and tax information.

Seller Registration Step5- Amazon seller

Seller Registration Step5

6.After this you will be asked a unique business name to be displayed on the website and if you are selling products online, your website address. After verification through pin number you can proceed for the next page.

Seller Registration Step6- Amazon seller

Seller Registration Step6

7.Now, you will have to set up your billing details and select professional selling plan.

8.You now have to go through tax interview process, so that your products could be purchased by Amazon customers. In this, you will have to enter your tax identification number and type of your business i.e., whether you are a sole proprietor or have a Company etc.

9.At last, you need to add details about your products. You can skip this step and fill it later on.

10.Now your seller account is ready and you are all set for new endeavors.

Create your product listings on Amazon

Product listings are those which contain all the information about product like price, image, and merchant name. They work both as store window and sales assistant for your products. At Amazon, you can create product listings in two ways: creating a new product listing for an item or adding items to the existing product listings. Adding your product manually to an existing list is way easier than creating new product listings as it is also a time-consuming process.

Manage your inventory

To be a successful entrepreneur on Amazon, you need to manage your inventory very efficiently. If you do not ship products which are in your stock on the right time, then Amazon may reduce your ratings. Here also, you have an option to choose from the two methods which are, manually adjusting inventory or managing inventory through a bulk upload or inventory feed.

Fulfill your orders

The most important key for success to Amazon is customer satisfaction. So, to fulfill your Amazon orders on time you need to either ship your orders or outsource this task. If you have planned to ship your orders by yourself, it is known as Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). And if you let Amazon ship your orders, it is called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA charges fees for this service and also has some added perks like free shipping to prime buyers, higher sales potential, higher rankings for product listings and trust factor. Alternatively, you can also hire third-party fulfillment partner to pack, ship and deliver your products to customers on time. 

Receive payment from Amazon

Once you have delivered the product, Amazon will deposit payment directly in your bank account within 7 days after deducting all the necessary fees. They ensure timely payment to you for better partnership and help you in growing your business.

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Now that you know how to easily register your business and sell on Amazon, achieving great heights in your business is much easier for you now. You should always get customer feedback and suggestions to improve your performance and increase sales. Based on everything that you know, it is worth giving a shot to sell on Amazon!

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