Easily Modify Import Export Code (IEC Code)

In case of any change in Office Address/Branch Details, Addition/ Deletion of Directors/Partners etc. it is necessary to modify Import Export Code to avoid any mismatch of information with DGFT Department. Afleo offers services for IEC Modification Online.

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Import Export Code (IEC Code) Modification

IEC Certificate is issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) which comes under Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The main objective of DGFT is regulating and promoting Exports from India. If there is any change in Office Address/Branch Details, Addition/ Deletion of Directors/Partners etc. after the IEC is issued, it is possible to continue with same IEC Code after filing an application for IEC Modification with DGFT Department.

It is necessary to update every data of our Company i.e. Branch Details, Activity Status like Merchant or Manufacture, etc. in Import Export Code. If we do not modify details in IEC, then there will be trouble during Export & Import Process due to Mismatched details in DGFT & Customs. Almost all types of changes can be modified in IEC such as Address Change, Add Branch Details, Director Change, Change In PAN card number, Addition or deletion of Partner, etc.

Afleo will help you in all your requirements regarding the Modification of Importer Exporter Code(IEC) and other formalities. Our Business advisors will give solutions to all your queries regarding IEC Modification and help you to take your decisions easily. Afleo.com started with the simple idea that doing business in India should be very easy. Our growing team of young hard working professionals is our biggest asset. Our team puts the consumer first, and work meticulously to ensure that documents are filled correctly and swiftly. Afleo is the market leader with 100+ IEC Modifications per month and total figures crossing 5,000+

Features of IEC Modification Online

Permanent Validity

IEC Code has a permanent validity. Therefore there is no need to renew IEC Certificate. In case there is any change in Office Address, Directors/Partners etc, then the same IEC Code can be continued after modification.

Error free Export & Import

When we Modify details in Import Export Code, our data also gets updated in Govt. Authorities like DGFT & Customs. If we do not modify details in IEC, then there will be trouble during Export & Import Process due to Mismatched details in DGFT & Customs.

Export Incentives

Export trade is important for any country's economy as it brings valuable Foreign Exchange into our country. Therefore to motivate Exporters, Government has put in place many Incentive Schemes, under which Exporters can get refund of approx 5% of Invoice Value.

Documents for IEC Modification

PAN Card of Individual/Company

Savings/Current account Cancelled Cheque

Passport Size photo

ANF - 2A Application Form

Aadhar Card of all Directors/Partners

Class 2 or Class 3 Digital Signature

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Procedure for IEC Modification/Amendment

Obtaining Information/ Documents

In this stage we will clear all your doubts regarding IEC Modifcation. Then collect all the necessary information and documents required for drafting of Application.

Drafting and filing of Application

We will draft your Application within 1 working day based on given documents and information and send it to you for confirmation. Once it is approved we will go ahead with final submission of Application.

Get Modified IEC Certificate

Once final application is done on DGFT portal, then you will receive Soft Copy of your Modified Importer Exporter code via email within next 2-5 working.

How we help with IEC Modification

Afleo.com can easily modify an IEC Code within 2-5 working days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Modification is necessary for various
purposes. When you modify your details in IE Code, it shows your progress & development of Company. It also opens doors to various Export/Import related Govt.
Schemes with extra benefits.

Documents are depended
on what kind of modification you want to apply in IE Code. It also depends on what

If all
documents are proper, then it takes one week to issue modification in IE Code. After
receipt of applications complete in all respects, a decision regarding grant or refusal of
IEC will be taken and communicated by the concerned Regional Authorities (RA) of

No, you do not have to submit any documents manually to DGFT
after online submission.

Other than documents, you require a Digital Signature Certificate
for Modification in IE Code.

No. You do not have to
create new IE Code. There is a procedure to change PAN Card details in DGFT. It
takes few days to change PAN Details; after that you can modify details in IE Code
with new PAN No.

No, you cannot submit your application without Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
After 01.04.2016, applicants can apply modification only through Class-II or Class-III

There are many kinds of
modification. You can change Regd. Address or Branch Address of the company; you
can add or remove Director or Partner from company, etc.

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