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GST Returns Filing

Once your business is registered under GST Act, next comes the return filing compliance that is monthly/quarterly and annual GST filing. These returns are to be filed by the registered person irrespective of its post GST registration turnover, profits, receipts, etc. Every registered person is required to file GSTR-1 (furnishing details of outward supplies of goods and/or services), GSTR-2 (furnishing details of inward supplies of goods and/or services) and GSTR-3(GST monthly return) in every month and GST Annual return for each year in GSTR-9.

There are various types of GST return forms ( to be explained in FAQ’s section ) which are to be filed by different categories of registered persons such as composition dealers, casual tax person, Input Service Distributor, etc.

Afleo.com will help you in filing your GST return online. Our experts will be available for solving all your queries regarding GST Returns and help with all the Documents required, Process, Fees etc. Afleo.com aims to aid registered person to concentrate on its business without worrying about GST filling compliances. Afleo.com started with the simple idea that doing business in India should be very easy. Our growing team of young hard working professionals is our biggest asset. Our team puts the consumer first, and work meticulously to ensure that documents are filled correctly and swiftly. Afleo is the market leader with 500+ GST Return Filing per month and total figures crossing 5,000+

Features of GST Returns

GST Filing Online

All the returns are to be filed compulsorily in electronic form through the GST portal i.e GST e filing. There is no provision for filing these GST returns manually. However, these returns can be prepared using offline utility tool and then filed online on the GST portal.

Simple Process

GST Filing is a simple process. The return, once filed cannot be revised. The changes which are needed to be rectified can be changed in next month’s return.

Different types of GST filling

There are different GST returns filing to be filed by various categories of registered persons (composition dealers, non-resident taxable person, input service distributor, etc.)

Documents/Details Required

Details and/or amended details of invoices of taxable supplies made to and received from registered persons as well as unregistered persons.

Details of Credit notes and Debit notes issued to and received from registered as well as unregistered persons

Details of Import of Services and Import of Goods

Details of Export supplies

Details of Advances received and advances paid

Details of Exempted supplies/Nil rated/Non-GST supplies made and received

Details of ITC reversal /Reclaim

Summary of HSN of all the goods sold during the month and received during the month

List of Documents issued during the month

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GST Return Filing Procedure

Obtaining Information/Details

In this phase we will brief you on the requirements of return filing. We will collect all the details and information required for filing the returns.

Preparing and filing the Return

Based on the information collected we will prepare your return within 1 working day and send you the draft return for verification. On your confirmation, we will file the approved return.


Once your GST Returns are successfully filed, we will send you the acknowledgment copy of the same.

How we can help with GST Return filing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every person registered under the GST Act is required to furnish details of its business sales, purchases, and tax liability to the government by filing returns through GST Common Portal.

• Log on to the GST portal using username and password
• Open the return dashboard and select the type of return to be filed
• Fill up all the details in the return form
• Generate the summary and submit the return form
• File the submitted form either through EVC or DSC, as the case maybe.

The steps are same as normal GST return, except that the amount to be filled in the form would be zero, ‘0’ since it is a NIL Return.

Every registered person having GSTIN is mandatorily required to file GST return.

Yes. In case there is no turnover or no tax liability, still registered person is required to file NIL Return.

GST return filling services is available in India, which is online through GST Common Portal.

No. A single return is sufficed for all the 3 types of taxes.

No, It is mandatory only for Companies and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

GSTR-1 contains details of outward supplies. This return is filed on the 10th of each following month.
However, as per the guidelines and latest notification, GSTR-1 can be filed quarterly or monthly depending upon the turnover. If the annual turnover of registered person is up to Rs.1.5crore, then he can opt for quarterly return filing and if annual turnover is more than Rs.1.5crore, then he has to file GST monthly return.

GST return filing date for Quarterly GSTR-1:
April –June - 31st July

Gst return filing date for Monthly GSTR-1:
April- 31st May
May - 10th June
June - 10th July

GSTR-2 contains details of inward supplies. This return is filed on the 15th of each following month. However, as per the decision taken by GST Council Meeting, requirement for filing GSTR-2 return is postponed until further notification from the government.

GSTR-3 is a monthly return. It contains the details of inward and outward supplies auto filled from GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 returns already filed. It also contains details about tax liability, interest and penalty to be paid. This return is filed on the 20th of each following month.

It is a simple return which contains the total summarized value of sales, purchases, and the tax liability. It is not a detailed return but a summarized return. The return is to be filed on the 20th of the following month.

A registered person whose aggregate turnover does not exceed Rs.1.5 crore can opt for composition scheme. Such a person has to file quarterly return GSTR-4.

It is a periodic return to be filed by Non-Resident Taxable Person.

It is a monthly return to be filed by Input Service Distributor (ISD). ISD is an office of the supplier of taxable goods and/or services, where invoices for receipt of input services are received and from where Input Tax Credit (ITC) that is, the credit of GST paid on such input services are distributed to the branches of such ISD.

It is a monthly return to be filed by persons deducting tax at source (TDS)

It is a monthly return to be filed by E-Commerce Operators. It contains details about the goods sold through e-commerce operator and the Tax Collected at Source (TCS) by such operators from e-commerce sellers.

Form GSTR-9 is an annual return to be filed by registered persons annually by 31st December of the next financial year. The Composition dealers are required to file Form GSTR-9A and E-commerce operators are required to file Form GSTR-9B as annual returns.

If the returns are not filed on time then the GST Late filing Fees applicable for:
Normal Return-Rs.200 per day of default
Nil Return-Rs.100 per day of default

As per the latest notification, GST Late filing Fees applicable for:
Normal Return-Rs.50 per day of default
Nil Return-Rs.20 per day of default.

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